Balcony Lesson!
So it's a really nice day out and I'm just sitting here in my sexy New York sports outfit minding my own business. Well not for long as my producer has other things in his mind! Watch how my big boobs get coaxed out of this lil sports outfit. And then my tits get a clamping down and my mouth sealed shut with tape! What is a girl to do?
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     Bra Changing!
Here is a nice photo set of me, once again I can decide on what bra to wear! Lucky you my producer was here to take these pics! Which one should I wear! Look at how big my tits are in these bra's! The guys always look at my tits and never at my face, I wonder why! With such big tits like mine, its hard to get a persons attention, maybe these photos will!
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     Barbie Girl!
I have been told often by other guys, I remind them of a Barbie girl. I guess cause my hair is blonde. But funny thing is I don't ever remember Barbie having huge tits like me! All the better right! Download these pics and keep them forever as they are some of my own favorites. I love dressing up like this, it makes me feel so damn horny. Your going to really love my oily tits too!
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     Raincoat Blow Job!
Its not raining now only cum in this first ever picture set of me, sucking hard cock! Watch and jerk yourself off till my guy cums into his condom, I want you to cum too! This is the first time I have ever been filmed with a hard cock in my mouth so you will want to download these pics now! I love sucking cocks specially strangers cocks! Maybe next time he can cum on my big fucking all natural tits!
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     Bathroom Strip!
Here is a sexy set of photos I had done. Do you like my fancy, flowery, black and pink dress? It's very nice isn't it? Well its not going to be long till I have this dress off! I'm here in the bathroom and I'm missing you not being here, so I'm going to take off all my clothes for you! Just imagine bending my over this vanity and fucking the fuck out of me!
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This was actually the first set of photos I had taken while taking a shower. Please download them and keep them forever! I love taking showers and lathering up my big boobs for you! I bet you would love doing that to me ha? I wish you were here with me and my tight pussy and huge tits, I love having sex in the shower too!
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     Wet and Sexy!
Such a hot day today again. What is a big boob girl to do? Well I have on my sexy as hell bathing suit and I'm ready to cool off! So get a load of these hot pics, and see my running cold water down my hot body. I needed a cooling off this is for sure. How do you like my wet tits? The hotter the better I say!
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     Filming Myself!
It's all about me today. So I get into the passenger seat of my producers car and he hands me his cameras. Well ok, so I can do this, and did I ever. Watch closely has I filmed myself and take hot pictures of myself. I didn't even need any help either! Shit after this set I think I could film other hot babes with no problem! :-) It wasn't easy though filming myself and at the same time, working around my big, big round boobs!
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     Stairs Of Pain!
Oh my what does my producer have in store for me today! A walk up a staircase and showing of my big tits, turned into something much more! Watch and enjoy as this stranger pulls and clamps down on my massive fucking tits! how would you like to be a fly on the wall for this set? Well you don't have to be, download the photos now! hehehe
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     Wooden Squeezer!
I love having my tits sucked, touched and fucked. But I have never ever had them squeezed! This was a first for me that's for sure! Not only did my producer squeeze them in a huge wooden vice but first he had them taped up with electricians tape, with a big cross on each boob! My tits seemed to fit perfectly in this wooden vice! My tits are large as it is this scene only made them look even larger! Oh and let me not forget to mention the guy that clamped and taped my tits also squeezed the hell out of my nipples!
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